What is the Deal with these What Apps?

Rufus Robot
Rufus Robot

We all get so caught up in the day to day seriousness of surviving the daily grind, that we sometimes overlook the need for diversions.

We, at Rufus Robot, like to enjoy the little things we find along the way to solve bigger problems. So why shouldn’t we share some of that with others?

Admittedly, when the company responsible for the development environment we use for our apps went under, we were left a bit stranded. Not that the signs weren’t there long before that - but that’s a story for another day - so we had to find a new environment.

As anybody who’s worked in development can tell you, there is a bit of a “learning wall” when it comes to new technology. That’s where these “What” apps come in. We, as a company (both of us), decided to create fun little utilities/toys in a lighthearted vein while we learn this new environment.

They’ve been fun for us to create, we hope they’re fun for you to play with.

Enjoy life!

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