How Fast are we Going?

Speed, What?
Speed, What?

How many remember your High School Physics?

C’mon, a show of hands?

Perhaps a bit of a refresher might help.

Velocity. Speed. Tempo. Forward motion in a rapid manner.

Most of us deal with velocity on a daily basis. I don’t mean the 3x108 meters/second speed of light thingy either.

What I mean is, just drive the car down the street and soon you’ll see a sign that tells you at what rate it’s illegal to exceed: quite literally the “Speed Limit”.

A speed limit gives a number in either miles per hour (MPH) or kilometers per hour (KM/H) depending on where you live. Why is this important? Because the speed limit is given in commonly recognized units.

You see, speed is really just a unit of distance divided by a unit of time. Miles (unit of distance) per Hour (unit of time) is just the number of miles you would travel in a given amount of time. For example, if you were zooming along at 65 miles per hour, and kept driving, then in one hour you would have traveled 65 miles. Simple, eh?

So let’s extend that a bit. What if we change it up a bit - use different units for distance and time? I bet you can come up with silly combinations that way.

Please enjoy our offering of “Speed, What?”.

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