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WQED Panel and Studio Audience
WQED Panel and Studio Audience

On April 24, 2014, Rufus Robot, Inc. was mentioned as a representation of research-based apps currently available on mobile devices during an airing of iQ: smartparent: Aiding Autism. Dr Holly Gastgeb was a member of the studio audience as our products were held up as prime examples of what to look for when shopping for effective apps.

Hosted by Angela Santomero, the panel guests were Dr Carla Mazefsky of the University of Pittsburgh, Brett Spitale from Autism Speaks, and Aubrey Shick of Origami Robotics. The panel discussed ways that technology can help children with autism and other learning differences.

WQED in Pittsburgh is renown as a leader in educational programming and was the birthplace of the world famous Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood produced there from 1966–2001.

The episode can be viewed at the WQED website at: iQ: smartparent: Aiding Autism.
A candid after-show episode can be viewed here: iQ: smartparent: Show After The Show: Aiding Autism.

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