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Our goal is to provide fun, useful, and affordable tablet-based applications to the growing number of children who need them. Many of our applications focus on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but it is our belief that these same tools will be fun and educational for early achievers too!

Let's have some fun!

Dr Holly Gastgeb
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Effective Education Through Entertainment

Effective — We believe that only the highest quality applications can adequately achieve intended results. Included in each application is the ability to measure the player's progress. By addressing concerns, weaknesses can be shored up and possibly turned into strengths.

Education — We believe that learning is essential to quality of life. These applications teach fundamentals, but with a strong foundation the basis of knowledge can be formed. The earlier in life principal ideas can be grasped, the better the chances of accelerating on to more advanced topics.

Entertainment — We believe that children should have fun being children. Playtime is essential to a healthy childhood. Like the nanny who hides bitter medicine with a spoonful of sugar, we like to add fun and games to what otherwise may be considered dry and boring topics.

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